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Montgomery Sprinkler Repair

Montgomery Sprinkler RepairWhile most irrigation companies fight to install the expensive 5000 and 10000 dollar systems, we focus instead on the 90, 100, 200 dollar repair jobs. We service the entire Greater Houston area but our technician for Montgomery lives nearby. The parts houses are also nearby as well. This way our techs do not have to travel to our offices and back out. We are committed to fixing the lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems in the Montgomery area from as close a proximity as possible. This saves time and money.


Installing New Systems?

We still install new systems but only for larger jobs of 6 zones or more. We are not the least expensive company for new installations. We’re the best. And we like to believe our 20,000 customers attest to that fact. Understand that the process of installing a new system requires the following steps: 1. We come to your home and start the bidding process. 2. We then give you a price. 3. If you approve the price, you will need to submit to us a plat of your property, noting on it exactly where the water meter is and what the PSI is on your water meter. 4. We will then have all gas, electric and other lines marked for digging. This requires you to put up all pets for 2 – 3 days and make sure all gates are unlocked. 5. We start the actual design process and pull any requisite permits. 6. THEN… we will call you to schedule the job. This whole process can take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks to get to day one of the job.

Fixing Sprinklers Is Who We Are!

As stated, we will install quality new systems, but the thing that causes our bells to ring are sprinkler repair jobs. We like fixing things and moving fast and efficiently with guaranteed work. It doesn’t matter if your lines have been damaged by fence repairs, new pools, the landscaper or the lawn maintenance guys, we’ll be there for you to fix it. And it’s a fairly simple process if you think about it. It’s either going to be the pipes are busted, the valves or broken, the wires have been cut, the solenoid is out, the controller is broken or the heads are broken. We can fix anything and we’ve got 20 years of experience doing it. We work on all sprinkler and irrigation systems too.

Water Conservation?

Montgomery Water Conservation & Water RestrictionsIn southeast Texas, water conservation is about to become more of an issue. As more people move to the area, using up more of the water supply and if another drought hits, you will see water conservation move to the top of the list in importance. Already, cities like Austin and most of Dallas have instituted potentially expensive water conservation methods and the state government is passing new laws every month to support a coming water conservation policy that will do things like fine you if someone reports water from your sprinkler system on the sidewalk. Sounds a bit ridiculous, we agree, but that’s the kind of laws being passed. All of this is conspiring to drive up the cost of water. It’s not unusual in part of Houston to find homes with 1000 dollar a month water bills already. What we do is come to your home or business and do an analysis of how we can save you money. Since up to 75% of your water bill is being spent through your lawn and irrigation system, it is important to save money on your water bill this way first and foremost. We have the latest weather controlled technology available to you. We’ll tie the sprinkler schedules of your system into the weather in your yard by converting your system to a local weather system that not only monitors the water falling from the sky but also the moisture in your ground. We’re here to do great work in a timely manner and save you money in the process. All our work is guaranteed. If you have any questions just call us.

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